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Reed beds, meadows and wood - second attempt

Please note that Geoff's walk originally scheduled for 3 January will now take place on Wednesday 31 January. Apologies again for the late cancellation and especially to the small number who did not receive the message in time. Full details can be found here.

Sonia's Thames Walk Wednesday 2nd May - update

The coach for the Thames walk is now full, thank you everyone for your enthusiasm.

If anyone else is interested I'm happy to put a few names on a reserve list and if this walk goes well, there's a possibility of arranging another next year.

To those booked on, we will be in touch soon re; payment, preferred pickup point and further detail. (See here for original post)



Social Events

Information on the Holiday for 2018 and the Christmas lunch and any other events will appear under the new option 'Holiday, Lunches, etc.' on the main menu above. Please note that we are up to our limit for the holiday but if you are interested, contact Jo who will put you on the reserve list.

AGM 8th November at Belstead Village Hall

A good number of members braved the elements for a pre-meeting walk led by Geoff Knights before returning to Belstead for the AGM. Mercifully, this was very short and will be reported in the minutes later. We all then tucked into a lunch of three soups and numerous puds. Thanks to all members who provided the food which made this such a good occasion. Good to see so many attend, both walkers and non walkers. 

Network Rail wants to close many rail crossings

As you may know, Network Rail wishes to close about 115 rail crossings in Suffolk and adjoining counties to pedestrians and non-vehicular users.

Many Groups have objected to this including the Ramblers.

See the message from Geoff Knight, the Local Footpath Secretary for Ipswich Ramblers and see how you can help prevent this happening. 

Notice to all walk leaders

Please note that the Walk Leader checklists and In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards have been updated. These make essential reading for all Ramblers Walk Leaders. They can be downloaded here. The communication from Ramblers may be found here. Please note links will not work from this message. 

Cannot find a suitable walk with us this week? Read on...

Two possible options are as follows.

  • If the published walk is too long, why not submit a shorter one? This can be on the same day or a day of your choice. If using the same time and starting point be aware of the possible increased parking requirements. Details of how to submit walks are accessible from the 'Submitting walks' option above. We will nearly always be able to publish within an hour or so of submission. As well as appearing in the 'Next walks for Ipswich Ramblers' panel and the listings under the Walks option above, we will also mention your new walk on this page. So watch this space!
  • Why not try a walk with one of the many other groups around us. We are often joined by members from other groups and I am sure they will be delighted to welcome you. These walks are all listed on the Ramblers main website. The following link will give a map or list of all Ramblers walks within 25 miles of Ipswich. If a map is displayed and you prefer a list, select 'List views: Group Walks'. If a list is displayed and you prefer a graphical display, select 'Map'. To see the walks, click here.

Programme - Important information:

The printed programmes have now been distributed. Now that most people have access to the internet we are proposing to limit circulation of the printed programme to those who request it. All the information in the programme is on this website including Chairperson's Chatter and a printable version of the walks programme.
We appreciate that members may still like to have a paper copy of our activities so if you would like to continue receiving the printed copy after this current Autumn/Winter programme, please contact Isla by phone or email by 31 December 2017 to register. Isla's contact details are under Contacts above.
Please note that new walks may be added at any time and details of any cancellations or amendments which occur during the season will be published on this website. It's not too late to submit walks for the winter programme. However, any walks submitted will only appear on-line on the this website and on the main Ramblers walk finder.  Details of how to submit walks are under the option Submitting walks above. If you have any doubts or questions about leading walks, contact any Committee Member.

Please help to preserve footpaths between Henley and Westerfield Roads North Ipswich:

There is a group of well walked field edge paths between Henley Road and Westerfield Road to the North of the railway line within the Borough boundary. They are currently not on the Ordnance Survey map and their use predates the Ipswich Definitive Map.
There are at least three paths leading from the Eastern side of Henley Road between the railway bridge and Defoe Road. These are all connected to further paths going towards Westerfield Road.
To preserve these paths for future use we should be able to add this group of paths to the Ipswich Definitive Map. Can you help claim any by giving evidence of use, or do you know someone who could?
Click for further information and a map of the area.
Please contact me, Geoff Knight to help save these paths - Contact details above.
If we lose these paths to housing development, they are lost forever.

Rail crossings - help keep them open - please sign our petition:

Network Rail wants to close more than 100 level crossings in East Anglia, severely disrupting our rights of way network and making it more difficult for local people to walk in their communities. This petition has been organised by Ramblers head office in an effort to stop the closures of rail crossings.
Please take the time to add your name to this petition by clicking on this link. You will be asked to give your reasons for signing it.
For more information on the background, see entry below and also entry on the main Ramblers website.

Download our walks into your calendar:

 You may have noticed a little widget to the right and on one or two other pages which says "Download walks to your calendar". If you use a calendar on your PC, MAC, etc this is a useful way of getting all the walks into it without retyping. Use the "More Options" to restrict the number of walks downloaded. The downloaded file is in ICS format which is widely used by various calendar and email programs including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook. 

Amendments to walks:

If at any time you want to add more information about your walk or you see an error in your published walk, please send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will not change fundamental details such as place or time but can add more information about the route as the time gets closer. If the fundamental details are changed the old walk will show up as cancelled and the will reappear as a new walk. Worth checking walks you intend to join in case something has been changed.

Notice to walk leaders

Don't forget to submit your walks for the next programme by 17 February 2018.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2018